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Weekly Power Planning Course for Middle School, High School, College Students

  • Do you struggle stay consistently organized and planned in the different areas of your life? 

  • Maybe you feel like you swing back and forth but never really achieve balance? 

  • Especially if you have ADHD or a hard time focusing, there are some specific reasons why.

    Learn how to remove obstacles and build consistency  and confidence in your routines!

  • 15 learners

  • Group Coaching

    LIVE Weekly/Virtual 
    30 min. small-group sessions 
  • On Demand

    Weekly planning videos
    to progress mindset, skillset, 
    habits for the school year.
  • Digital or Paper Planner + Handouts


    You will learn how to prioritize your time to feel less stressed and more fulfilled by the work you do.

    In this course, you will discover your personal motivation tools, guided by weekly coaching for support.
    You will gain inspiration and motivation as you practice accountability in figuring out what works!

    Measuring Success

    Next 30 Power Planning for Students

    We interviewed 25 parent/student pairs who participated in Quantum Jump programming over a period of 18 months. Parents met with a coach at least one day per week and students met with a coach 1-2 days per week, for a minimum of six weeks. Here's what they said! 

    Students report feeling less stressed

    Students report improved grades

    Students report improved confidence

    Parents report improved parenting strategies
    What you are going to learn

    A few more words about this course

    Created by an ADHDer for ADHDers.

    The perfect introduction to world-class planning habits for life, this course is the best of the best to prepare for a successful school year.

    The mindset, skillset, students learn will be come transformative habits for life. 

    Participants will learn:

    • Planning Habits
    • How to Prioritize A List
    • Personal Productivity Habits
    • How to Beat Procrastination
    • How to Stop Overwhelm
    • How to Build Habits for Independence
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    Cara Thorpe

    Specialization: Leadership & Executive Function Skills
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    Yael Dror

    Specialization: Academic & Group Coaching

    From Your Instructors
    Practicing the Quantum Jump mindset, skillset, and habits changed my life, and I've adapted this world-famous leadership program for students and educators. This course can help you, your team, or your family learn what I have learned over 25 years - the contentment of knowing I am in the process of becoming exactly who I want to become.

    Practicing the Quantum Jump habits has helped me remember to protect my mindset and actions with self-care when it comes to the busy life I lead as a graduate student in Counseling Psychology. I have extensive experience in facilitating group coaching, and the powerful mentorship I had as a student inspires me to do the same for others. 

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    Combine this course with other services, such as therapy, tutoring, college planning,
    or as an activity during the school day! 

    Course reviews

    "This course not only helped with planning, but also helped me work through my mindset with ADHD. Learning about how and why it affects me gave me confidence."
    Callie S.
    "I can learn practical tips and then practice them during the week. Weekly planning sessions give me accountability. I don't want to come to group unprepared."
    KATherine P.