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    Hi, I'm Cara, a Jersey Girl with a big heart, contagious smile, and wildly perfectionistic tendencies. I may have left the bustling streets of Jersey behind, but my vibrant personality and fierce determination have found a new home in the heartland of the Midwest where I am raising my family.

    Remember when it was so easy to make your kid laugh?

    Parenting my three incredible humans with ADHD has been a journey like no other. It has been the hardest, most rewarding experience of my life, surpassing all my expectations (and that's an understatement!).

    Each day brings new challenges and triumphs, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Through countless ups and downs, I have discovered a strength within myself that I never knew existed. I have had to stretch beyond my comfort zone, constantly adapting and learning to meet the unique needs of my children. It's a constant reminder that parenthood is a journey of growth, resilience, and unconditional love.

    But it's not just about my own personal growth. I am deeply invested in supporting and empowering other parents, students, and teachers who navigate the complexities of ADHD and diverse brains. I believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to live a wildly abundant and fulfilling life, regardless of their neurological differences.

    As an advocate and mentor, I strive to provide the resources, guidance, and understanding needed to navigate the challenges that come with ADHD. Whether it's helping parents find effective strategies to support their children, guiding students to unlock their full potential, or collaborating with teachers to create inclusive learning environments, I am committed to making a positive impact.

    Because when we come together, armed with knowledge, empathy, and unwavering support, we can truly make a difference and help individuals lead the wildly abundant, fulfilling lives they deserve.

    Cara Thorpe



    Coach. Student. Teacher. Visionary. Mum. Cara Thorpe lives her life’s purpose daily. She has mastered her time and lives with intention, grace, and grit, while coaching others to do the same. Her personal and professional experiences equip her with the ability to meet students, parents, teachers, and leaders where they are and offer inspiration, along with space for insight, reflection and growth.