A Quantum Jump Roadmap: Using Executive Function Skills to Get Closer to Who You Want to Be

Do you need a place to start when it comes to:

getting past irritability and frustration?
stopping knee-jerk patterns?
- supporting overwhelm and shutdown?
- aligning parent + kid communication?

Working through this course will help you remember that you're on the same side with your kids, your spouse, your boss, your employees, yourSELF!

FOUR steps help you raise your level of satisfaction with your life and relationships.

     * PLUS Bonus Content:
       Your Wellness Wheel      
.      Executive Function Wheel

Start now to gain fulfillment in your school/work/life balance!

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  • Use these course materials as often as you'd like to transform every aspect of your life. 
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Time spent practicing Executive Functioning Skills is time well spent. - Cara Thorpe
Purchase Smart But Scattered Teens as supplemental reading for this course to gain insight into interventions aimed supporting each individual Executive Function Skill. 

Cara Thorpe

Executive Function Skills Performance Coach


Coach. Student. Teacher. Visionary. Mum. Cara Thorpe lives her life’s purpose daily. She has mastered her time and lives with intention, grace, and grit, while coaching others to do the same. Her personal and professional experiences equip her with the ability to meet students, parents, teachers, and leaders where they are and offer inspiration, along with space for insight, reflection and growth.

Course reviews

"I have a more positive mindset in parenting because I am concentrating on what i can control instead of what I can't."
Kari W
"I can remind both my wife and myself that we are practicing all of these new things too. Knowing this helps relieve stress."
Jeremy G