From Button Pushing to Problem Solving

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Pam Olson

Executive Function Skills  Coach - Parents
Orton-Gillingham Reading Coach 


I have degrees in both elementary education and early childhood/family education and have spent the past twenty-five plus years homeschooling my own children and working with children with a variety of special needs.

During these years I have gained skills, experiences, and passion 
for helping learners of all ages and needs develop a love for learning (and reading!) to help them rise to their potential - and beyond!

I have specific training in the Orton-Gillingham Method of reading intervention, particularly well-known for guiding struggling young readers
. I have seen the foundation and love for reading that the O-G Method of intervention inspires in our k-3 students!

A bit more about me: I am married and have six children, three of whom we have adopted into our family. Our youngest two are ninth and twelfth grades this year.

We have a golden retriever, miniature poodle, and a Siberian cat. I am allergic to cats but, apparently, Siberian cats are hypoallergenic. Who knew?!

I love to travel when I am able, and I enjoy reading and spending time with my family and friends. Two of my favorite things to do in my spare time are playing board games and watching old classic movies.

I think one of the most powerful things we can do as parents is to continue learning about ourselves and our kids. I am excited to teach you all that I have learned about executive function skills!

Cara Thorpe

Executive Function Skills Performance Coach


Coach. Student. Teacher. Visionary. Mum. Cara Thorpe lives her life’s purpose daily. She has mastered her time and lives with intention, grace, and grit, while coaching others to do the same. Her personal and professional experiences equip her with the ability to meet students, parents, teachers, and leaders where they are and offer inspiration, along with space for insight, reflection and growth.