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Certified Executive Function Skills Coach

Develop the mindset, skillset, and habits to  transform areas of your life from unfulfilled to  unstoppable. Then hone your Executive Function Skills coaching habits to help students, families, and educators do the same.
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    A portrait of success through a Quantum Jump Lens.

    What you are going to learn

    A few more words about this course

    Yellow Parachute ADHD and Executive Function Skills Coaches meet students where they are to guide them in setting goals and practicing skills that build life-long success.

    Coaching begins with attention to Executive Function Skills and the power that each individual has to make change.

    Coaching clients begin the journey to answer high level questions:
    • Who do you want to become tomorrow?
    • What do you want your friends and family to say about you?
    • What can you do today, to get closer to the person you want to become?
    When students identify these things that matter most, they can use their knowledge to guide their goals and actions – both in and out of school – to make the most of their time and efforts.

    You will gain knowledge in:

    • Executive Function Skills Lens Foundation
    • Applying Executive Function Skills as Tools
    • 12 Principles of Top Performing Leaders
    • Coaching Student Mindset/Skillset/Habits
    • Developing Your Coaching Niche
    • Forming a Coaching Group

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    I am keenly aware of protecting my own mental health as a service provider. This course gave me practical tools to take action.
    — Yael D.
    I actually feel bad choosing a favorite takeaway! It's all so valuable. I especially appreciate the planning tips to level up what I already do.
    — Jenny M.
    Everything I learned is applicable RIGHT now to my experience in learning and teaching. Even better, I can apply it to my own life, so it's more real.
    — Madeleine S.

    Executive Function Skills

    Executive Function Skills Open Our Minds to the Possibilities for Success that Lie Within Us

    Leadership Skills

    The 12 Principles Used by Top Performing Leaders in the World Become Actionable Tools

    A Plan to Prioritize Your Life

    A Transformational System for Planning and Prioritizing Every Aspect of Your Life 

    Cara Thorpe

    About Me

    Practicing the Do What Matters Most mindset, skillset, and habits changed my life, and I've adapted this world-famous leadership program for students and educators. This course can help you, your team, or your family learn what I have learned over 25 years - the contentment of knowing I am in the process of becoming exactly who I want to become

    Live your purpose.